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  • Professional Peels

  • Super Serum Peel

    Reveals new healthy luminous skin, leaving the skin feeling soft & hydrated with a firm & plumped appearance. With Pomegranate enzymes.

  • Clear + Correct Peel

    Reduces inflammatory lesions, addresses hyperpigmentation, aids healing process, exfoliates, decongests, normalises oil & pore size. Potent combination of anti-inflammatory exfoliants, antibacterials & skin renewing actives.

  • Advanced Peels

  • Skin C.E.O Peel

    Platinum grade anti-ageing complex with potent vitamins A + B + Lightening agents. Super actives & anti-inflammatories calm & instigate epidermal remodeling, aiding reversal of all signs of ageing brought on by extrinsic factors. Stimulates collagen & removal of scar tissue. Accelerates cellular migration to reveal clearer, healthy luminous skin.

  • Super Fruit Jessner

    Targets congested pores, acne, pigmentation, sun damage, scar tissue, aids stimulation of collagen.

    Accelerates the healing phase with added phytonutrients. Breaks down built up stratum corneum (dead skin cells) & reduces inflammation leaving the skin feeling supple, clear & hydrated with a firm & plumped appearance.